From our Miami-based production suite, we can turn a week's worth of meeting recordings into a dynamic attention-grabbing recap video of any length. We will highlight key moments, powerful presenter messages and onsite interviews, and add soundtracks, captions and voiceovers to enhance the viewing experience.

Using 3D animation, we will make sure every video is entertaining, as well as informative. We will breathe new life into slogans, meeting logos and other text-based content, so all viewers can absorb your message without feeling like they are reading. For example, please view the "Did You Know" video to right for some fun facts about the exponential time in which we live.

We can also work onsite for quick turnarounds. Would you like to end your final session by premiering a video recap of the week? No problem. We can create graphics beforehand, film every day and edit every night to get you a final product for viewing merely an hour after our final footage is shot. Our team is efficient and professional, and we are very comfortable working under a short deadline.